Every love has its own landscape, 2020 - 2023
Through creating virtual landscapes with contributed photos of textiles from people's homes the project ‘Every love has its own landscape’ aims to investigate materials' relationship to land, home, legacy and memory. How the near become further away, transformation and being a part of something large and complex.  See projektsite here 

Lindådra, Linmåra, Linsnärja, Linrepe, 2021-2022
Lindådra, Linmåra, Linsnärja and Linrepe, these plants died out because they had adapted since the Viking Age to man's sowing of flax. Using archival images and botanical drawings, 3d objects have been created to recreate a meadow where they grew together again. The project was created in connection with the Spånadslin Residence and is part of the publication Östgötalin, 2023

Language of Loops, 2019
The project ‘Language of Loops’ comes from a fusion of the Western alphabet and symbols used in crochet patterns, by exploring hierarchies between written and handheld knowledge a digital font has been developed. The project reflects on the exclusion in society of symbols that you can’t read and the similarity between a pencil and a crochet hook. The work results in a tool where the crochet's pattern and coded messages are mixed and can only be read by those who surrender to the same craft. The font is free to download and use. Shown in the form of posters or wall text in exhibition contexts. The project received support from Längmanska Stiftelsen in 2019.

Download font here: zip_map_LoopFont

Black Water, 2019
The filmpiece Svart Vatten is based on material conversations between iron, trees and water. A new trinity that touches both large industries, political and natural forces in Sweden. a slow paced collage showing a black ice block melting together with elements from different landscapes from the north of sweden. The name of the project, Svart Vatten (Black Water) , comes from both the definition of water that contains feces and bacteria, water you are unable to live with and that needs to be cleansed in order to be used, as well as the old textile dye mixture when you mix iron and bark from trees (tannin) in water which turns the dye-bath black. This chemical and play of words has turned into a ritualistic question in the work, will it black water? Will it be destroyed?  The piece ’Svart Vatten’ was made during Luleå Ateljéstipendium 2018-2019. The collage video is a 45 min long loop with atmospheric sound.

Dien, 2017 - ongoing
The project Dien is about the act of dyeing in a contemporary setting, to understand conscious and unconscious processes in our self and our surroundings. The word Dien is an old homograf from middle english, which then meant both to die and to dye. In this project am I lifting the word up as a concept between Bioart, Textile craft and experimental dye practises. A way of deepening our relationship and understanding of the processes we are aware of and in control of, such as a dye recipe, or the ones that feel out of our control such as carbon pollution. Maybe we can say that we are all dying / dyeing ourselves with the trees we plant, the areas we build, the cigarettes we smoke, the chemicals we add into water pipes, the travels we make and the air we all must breathe. What shade do we give?

Soft Society, 2016 - ongoing
The project  ‘Soft Society’ is made with a walking and collecting method. The dropped gloves and mittens are sporadically from my everyday paths and form portraits. A glove is a glove, one of many, but each one I pick up is unique, frayed and worn by a person, shaped by its hand. The project is about the relationship between individualism, fellow human beings and the city. started in 2016 and is ongoing, made with overdose experimental prints on silk. Suit contains at the moment over 150 pieces.

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