Svart Vatten / Black Water
The project is based on material conversations between iron, trees and water. A new trinity that touches both large industries, political and natural forces in Sweden. A poetic method about visualizing relationships and questions about using or being used. The name of the project, Svart Vatten (Black Water) , comes from both the definition of water that contains feces and bacteria, water you are unable to live with and that needs to be cleansed in order to be used, aswell as the old textile dye mixture when you mix iron and bark from trees (tannin) in water which turns the dye-bath black. This chemical and play of words has turned into a ritualistic question in the work, will it black water? Will it be be destroyed?
The project ’Svart Vatten’ took place during Luleå Ateljéstipendium 2018-2019


Svart Vatten, Film 45 min loop